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Trial Presentation, Pre-Trial & Case Management Services

Trial Presentation—Take Your Trial to The Next Level

Technology has changed how trials are tried and won. With today’s technology-savvy society, it’s harder to present a compelling argument without the use of graphics and visual aids. Don’t be left behind. Let AWR take your trial to the next level with expert trial presentation, pre-trial and case management services.

Why are visual aids so important?
  • Create effective and persuasive arguments.
  • Clarify your main points to a judge or jury.
  • Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners.
  • People retain nearly 90% of the information presented to them visually.

The bottom line? Effective lawyers must present their cases visually. AWR will help your team present an impactful case with high-quality demonstratives ranging from interactive timelines and animated document highlights to charts, illustrations and more. Get in touch for an initial consultation.

AWR Trial Presentation & Case Management Benefits

From efficient legal document services to equipment and technology setup, AWR experts are at your side to help you get the edge over your case. AWR Trial Solutions helps you:

  • Prepare exhibits including document highlights, tear-outs, digitizing and synchronizing video depositions and annotations for display.
  • Develop a comprehensive database tailored to your case.
  • Review materials to ensure that evidence meets the Court’s approval and conforms to pretrial specifications.
  • Create courtroom graphics, exhibits, PowerPoint Presentation and animations for trial.
  • Provide complete technical support, including set-up and operation of all presentation equipment.

Comprehensive Trial Services

We understand the immense pressure you’re under during those last few critical weeks before a trial. Few things can be more devastating to a case than an unorganized presentation. That’s why with AWR Trial Solutions we’ve developed a full-service solution to meet all of your litigation support needs before, during and after the trial. Request a quote or schedule expert trial services today.

  • Pre-trial Preparation and Production
  • 24/7 Case Management
  • Custom Graphics and Demonstratives
  • Mediation Services
  • Trial Presentation
  • IT Support- iPads, Projectors, Smart TVs
  • Clip Creation and Editing
  • Video Digitizing
  • Document Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Mock Trials
  • Focus Groups
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