Bill Roberts, CEO

phone: (843) 416-7084
fax: (866) 390-DEPO


With over three decades of experience, Bill Roberts is one of South Carolina’s leading experts in litigation services and technology. Under his leadership, AWR has become South Carolina’s premier court reporting firm committed to accurate and friendly service.
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David Roberts, COO

phone: (843) 416-7085
fax: (866) 390-DEPO



David Roberts has been immersed in the court reporting culture his entire life. He is currently a Certified Realtime Reporter and Certified Manager of Reporting Services. He currently leads AWR’s sister company, AWR Trial Solutions. Read More


Karen Roberts, VP

phone: (843) 416-7086
fax: (866) 390-DEPO


Karen Roberts began her court reporting career nearly 25 years ago after graduating from The Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville, also Bill’s alma mater. In the past few decades, she has risen to become second in command of AWR and Associates.
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Linda Brifnek, CFO

phone: (843) 416-7087
fax: (866) 390-DEPO


Court Reporting Staff

Charleston Reporters:

David C. Roberts

Laura J. Bash

Sandra K. Bjerke

Julie L. Bonomo

Marie Bruegger

Terri L. Brusseau

Roxanne M. Easterwood

Felicia L. Howe

Marie McCollum

Lora L. McDaniel

Jane Messineo

Priscilla Nay

Karen Nellius

Patty Thompson-Morrison

Michael Roberts

Janice N. Shepherd

Jason W. Touro

Myrtle Beach Reporters:

Lauren A. Balogh

Karen M. Ernst

Linda A. Mahoney

Ann C. Makris

Jane L. McKillop

Bonnie L. Sabados

Tia D. Shean

Renee Tollison

Hilton Head Reporters:

Kelly A. Ball

Jacqueline S. Gutierrez

Aaron J. Selman

Trisha A. Thomas

Columbia Reporters:

Wanda K. Cecil

Amy R. Cope

Lori S. Mortge

Leslie T. Stanley

Kimberly Power

Susan M. Valsecchi

Greenville Reporters:

Eric Glazier

Elaine L. Grove

Sussy Luna

Jenna B. Parsons

Charlotte Reporters:

Carrie M. Beam

Nadine M. Capps

Krista N. Carney

Shannon B. Eubanks

Cindy A. Hayden

Sherri L. Puleo

Solange Ruiz

Sarah Young

Asheville Reporters:

Elaine L. Grove

Mary K. Stepp

Raleigh Reporters:

Lisa Wheeler

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