Exhibit Solutions

Display electronic documents to a witness during a deposition and record mouse movements and keystrokes on the computer in realtime. Create a video file of the witness’s manipulation of the computer screen. Capture mouse movements, inter-cell calculations, drop-downs and formulas within spreadsheets. Synchronize the file to the transcript, display in a stand-alone viewer or view using standard presentation software. Useful for all types of Native Evidence such as Java, Source Code, CAD files, Google Earth Fly-ins, and all Native Medical Evidence.

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Gain a single package of all of your case exhibits
Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE) is a single package containing all of your exhibits for a case. Exhibits are organized chronologically with a descriptive index rolled up into a handy PDF, hyperlinked and searchable by keyword. Portable and accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device – ACE is an excellent tool for any multi-party case.

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Seamless electronic exhibit management in realtime.

A secure Internet-based method of marking, viewing and maintaining exhibits electronically. Simply upload all potential exhibits from your computer, or directly from Relativity®. Replace boxes and binders of exhibits and carry just your laptop or iPad to your deposition, arbitration or hearing.

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Turn-key production of video exhibits

Prepare powerful exhibits such as event reconstructions, day-in-the-life video recordings, site inspections, and other vehicles to support your case. Our professional video staff is experienced in the preparation of videos suitable for litigation, and maintains the most comprehensive production and editing facilities in the industry. We can edit what you already have or start from scratch beginning with our own staff and vision.

Multimedia Power Depositions

Veritext Multimedia Deposition offers a powerful and integrated set of multimedia exhibit tools to engage viewers and present the story of your case more effectively. Using picture-in-picture technology to display exhibits simultaneously with the deponent, powerful courtroom-ready video can be created showing deponent reaction to exhibits or to mark or point to key areas of each exhibit displayed. Exhibits are managed through a central console and can be displayed throughout the deposition room as well as to remote participants.

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