Then Exhibit Share is the tool for you!

Exhibit Share is a straightforward, secure and stress free tool for introducing exhibits during a deposition.



Key Benefits of Paperless Depositions

  • Introduce exhibits electronically from a secure private exhibit repository
  • Save time and costs associated with printing, scanning and shipping exhibits
  • Alleviate the hassle of carrying bulky boxes of paper exhibits
  • Eliminate the guesswork in bringing “not enough” or “too many” paper copies
  • Share exhibits with all participants local or remote
  • Maintain clear organization of exhibits in a self-managed folder structure without the disruptive shuffling of paper


Exhibit Share Testimonial

I am a litigator with 40 years of experience who thought I knew everything there was to know about deposition taking. But then I discovered Veritext’s Exhibit Share web product, which allows you to upload deposition exhibits to a web portal and avoid having to reproduce (and then carry to the deposition) massive paper copies for the 30 some defendants and cross-defendants in any single deposition.

I work with large technical documents with charts, figures, and endless tables that are difficult to copy and would otherwise consume extra costs to clients because of the need to assign clerks and paralegals to full-time copy machine work before the deposition.

Exhibit Share takes care of that problem (and related cost). I found uploading documents to the web portal quite easy, even for those of us who are, as the euphemism has it, “more seasoned.” I recommend using Exhibit Share for your next deposition.

Norman A. Dupont | Partner | Ring Bender LLP


What Makes Exhibit Share Different from Other Paperless Deposition Solutions?

    • Introduce New Exhibit Files on the Fly
    • Upload Multiple Exhibits by Simply Dragging & Dropping Your Files
    • All File Types are Supported (PDF, JPEG, MPEG etc.)
    • IT Support Technicians Available to Monitor All Requests
    • No Training Is Necessary – It’s as Easy as Copy and Paste
    • Straightforward Pricing – No Subscription Based Price Plans
    • No Software Downloads or Special App Installations Needed

How does Exhibit Share work?

  • Prior to the Deposition

    After ordering Exhibit Share, an email is delivered to participating attorneys with a secure link to the online exhibit share. Taking attorneys upload their exhibits by dragging & dropping files into a Private folder with capabilities to organize and create their own folder structures and rename document.

  • During the Deposition

    All participants log into the secure share on their own devices. The attorney introduces exhibits to the participants by copying exhibits from the Private folder to the Introduced folder. The Introduced folder is accessible to all participants to view and download the contents.

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