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A real time deposition offers some distinct benefits and value over a more traditional approach to transcription. Through real time reporting, an attorney can review the deposition answers as they are given by the witness being deposed. As the court reporter takes down the witness’s verbatim answers, the words are transmitted to the attorney’s computer screen or iPad through the use of real time software. Here are some key advantages of realtime depositions.

Immediate Review

Because real time court reporting is live, the attorney questioning the witness—or a member of the attorney’s team—is able to review the witness’s answers immediately. Immediate reviewing of the answers allows the attorney to identify favorable testimony right away and formulate any necessary follow-up questions. Similarly, if the witness does not give a desired response, it is easier for the attorney to flag this and try to ask the question in a different form.

Making Notes & Comments

Having the witness’s testimony immediately also allows an attorney to mark an answer and make notes to highlight an inconsistency. The highlighted answer can be pulled up even after hours of questioning in order to impeach a witness with the prior inconsistent answer. The ability to take live notes and make comments can also be done in real time remotely by a team member who is not physically in attendance at the deposition. Therefore, there is an opportunity for more input on the questioning of a witness as the deposition goes on.

Correct Errors

Sometimes, witnesses misspeak or their words are misheard by the court reporter. With a real time deposition, an attorney can catch a word or phrase that is not clear and ask the witness to clarify the meaning. This eliminates the need to guess what the witness was trying to convey and allows the court reporter to get the correct words down in the final transcript.

Cost Savings

Real time depositions also provide attorneys with rough drafts of the transcripts before the final official transcript is produced. This makes it easier to prepare for a deposition the next day, and it can be cheaper than having an expedited transcript prepared. Saving time and money on this aspect of the litigation process allows attorneys to shave costs overall for their clients.

In some cases, court reporters can send a cleaned-up version of the real time draft to the attorney after the deposition. Depending on the software used for the real time reporting, the attorney can integrate or import the cleaned up rough draft into their real time program or litigation software and preserve their notes and comments from the deposition.

Expertise & Reliability

Not all court reporters can provide real time reporting services at a deposition. It is important to ensure that you are using a certified real time court reporter when taking advantage of the benefits provided by real time depositions. Special software is also required in order to provide real time reporting services. An attorney hiring a court reporter for real time reporting services needs to ensure that the software to be used is compatible with their computer. Using one reporting firm on depositions will help and make software requirements much easier and streamline the scheduling process drastically.

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