Video depositions can be a great way to capture the nuances of a witness testimony. With video, you can capture the witness’s emotions and body language to present a more powerful case. Video can also be streamed remotely, and with today’s technology, it can even be synced up with the text deposition so that you can easily search, view and edit the testimony. Ready to build a strong case? These video deposition tips can help you get the most out of your video deposition services.

Check Local Rules

The first and arguably most important step when considering video deposition services is to check local court rules to ensure that video is allowed. If local rules do permit video depositions, the rules may also specify the technical requirements and formatting for the video recording. When hiring an organization to handle the video deposition, it is important to ensure that the organization will be able to produce a video that meets these requirements.

Limit Interference

When choosing the location where the video deposition will be held, make sure that the environment is quiet enough that no interfering noises will be captured as part of the video recording. Internal interference like paper shuffling in search of exhibits, background speech and ringing cell phones should be kept to a minimum.

Prepare Witnesses

Since video depositions may ultimately be viewed by a jury, witnesses should be presented in the best light possible. The opposing party may capitalize on a witness who appears in a video looking unkempt or hungover. Advising favorable witnesses to attend a video deposition dressed and groomed as they would be for court can help witnesses know what to expect.


Court reporting companies can provide a service to synchronize your transcript with the relevant portions of the video recording. Lining up the testimony transcript with the video can allow you to easily locate a particular part in the video. You can quickly find where a witness testified to certain information, and you can easily isolate video clips to create a powerful presentation.

Secure Storage & Remote Access

Video depositions can be stored in a way that allows multiple members of your team to access the depositions from various locations in preparation for trial. While taking advantage of this accessibility, you should make sure that wherever the depositions are stored is secure and not easily accessible by unauthorized people.

Schedule Expert Video Deposition Services

These video deposition tips can be best employed when working with a professional legal videographer. Contact A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates (AWR) today for expert legal video and court reporting services. With years of experience and the latest technology, we can provide high quality video deposition services with remote streaming, transcript syncing and multiple formats to best suit your needs.

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