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Are you finding it difficult to sway a jury? Are you looking for ways to strengthen your cases and arguments? Do you have trouble communicating key points with team members and other parties remotely? An experienced legal videographer can provide a number of services to help you improve jury engagement, create powerful cases, improve connectivity and streamline processes. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of working with a legal videographer along with some essential services to consider.

Video Depositions Engage The Jury

One of the most obvious advantages of video at trial is that 65 percent of jurors better connect with video than they do with auditory text. A majority of jurors tend to tune out proceedings while listening to recordings or readings of deposition transcripts. When you lose their attention, it is difficult, if not impossible, to re-engage them. A quality video recording can help to provide the stimulus needed to keep the jury engaged throughout the proceeding.

There are other advantages to using a video deposition as opposed to a mere recording or reading. Jurors, for instance, many have difficulty accurately assessing the credibility of a witness without being able to see them. Unless the witness is present, the jury cannot see the determination in an eyewitnesses’ face when she says that the victim definitely had the green light—nor can they see a witness hesitate and appear evasive before answering a difficult cross-examination question. A legal videographer can help you capture these nuances to strengthen your case while keeping the jury engaged.

Strengthen Your Arguments

There are other applications that a legal videographer can assist with. For example, most judges allow video to be used for demonstrative purposes as well. While jurors may not expect, and the judge may not allow, a Hollywood production during closing argument, visual aids are usually a good idea that can help to improve the persuasiveness of your case. Videos, animations and illustrations can greatly improve the clarity of your points. For instance, showing various angles of a crime scene as you discuss your case can help to drive your points home. Similar productions could be used during mediation or arbitration as well.

What To Look For In A Legal Videographer

To ensure you get the most from the legal video services you need, look for an experienced legal videographer who offers the following benefits:

  • Real Time Streaming. Instead of one lawyer in one conference room, the whole office can participate in a deposition, even if you are all working in different locations.
  • Synchronized Searching. By syncing the video with the text, a videographer can help you to significantly reduce your research time, a factor that’s especially critical in mass torts and other large-scale cases with dozens of deponents.
  • Different Formats. The best legal videographers give you more than just a DVD. For example, compressed AVI files look better on many laptops and on courtroom display screens.
  • High Quality Equipment. The right kind of equipment is important as well. Ensure the videographer is using quality cameras and other equipment. Cameras during a deposition often have a positive effect, because they remind the witness that they are on display—but too much equipment can be overkill.
  • Professionalism & Experience. Look for a certified legal videographer with deep experience. You can trust these providers to offer what you need while remaining professional and attentive.

Hire An Experienced, Certified Legal Videographer Today

Video depositions can do much to improve your case. To schedule your service with an experienced legal videography team, contact AWR today. Our legal video experts are trained to capture an unbiased record of your proceeding and are available 24/7 to assist with depositions, trial & mediation videos, animation, story boards and more.

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